To a Particular Man in My Life,

Content Warning: verbal/emotional abuse and threats of violence

You have a problem with me. You seem to think I’m less than you. You have told me time and time again that I’m whore for the skin I show, I’m bitch who will never get a man with “that attitude,” that I’m a lazy, worthless, boring slut. I’m here to tell you that none of what you say lessens my value. I don’t love myself any less when you scream obscenities at me. Honey, I don’ t even crouch in fear when you threaten to tear my tongue out my mouth. You reacting in anger says nothing about me. If a woman being comfortable in her skin, set in her values, and unafraid to speak up upsets you, it says something about you and your discomfort with a woman’s confidence and zero about the woman you’re so hatefully lashing out at. I have never put you down and I have never countered your claims with naming calling. I have only announced that I am my own person, it’s my body to govern, and my opinions to be entitled to. You hate that. You despise that I refuse to give in to your game and you aren’t a fan of the facts I represent you. But that isn’t my problem. You can’t even argue that I’m shoving my opinions down your throat. Everything I do pisses you off. If I’m such a “worthless whore” you wouldn’t think someone of such little value could accomplish such a feat.

I guess maybe I’m going to rot in hell like you tell me so often I will, but as an atheist I regret to inform you an afterlife isn’t something that concerns me. As someone who keeps getting continuously bullied with verbal abuse and threats by you however, I can confidently say you may very well rot in jail if you don’t kindly fuck off.


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